We deliver state-of-the-art SAP project solutions with the provision of services by highly qualified professionals.

Our solutions are the result of the sum of proprietary technology developed in a patented algorithm that revolutionizes the way projects are implemented under the competence of experienced and tested professionals.

High quality, highly scalable, fully documented, high speed and efficiency.
Our team creates intelligent, consistent and high-performance solutions, thanks to our technology capable of developing from the backend to the front (e2e services) with the “fiorization” of your SAP, regardless of the software version you use.

We have the only full-stack technology in the world developed exclusively for SAP in the delivery of our services and we know that our solution revolutionizes the entire market, so we are willing to show, running in the real world, how this happens!

Meet Tachyonix!

Due to the ease and agility of project modeling and implementation we are capable of execution, we can change the path during the projects and quickly and safely adapt any scope during execution.
We are a Whitebox platform, and that means the solution is yours with full access to the code.
With Tachyonix in your environment, browsing between applications and searching for business information within SAP becomes as simple as browsing the WEB, with links that interconnect dashboards, reports and all the information and analysis you want and need. Built the way you want, changed anytime!
We managed to deliver all the advantages of development and Fiori UI in any environment and previous version of SAP.
From a business point of view, using Tachyonix, the reduction of your TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is remarkable while we do implement a state-of-art technology enabling your businesses to go further!
Tachyonix delivers the complete solution, not just the technology.
Our solutions are easily scalable and able to support exponential growth or change automatically
Since the development is based on an innovative algorithm, the code and solution pattern is unique and the best possible, thus being free of errors or differences caused by different individuals.
The development algorithm will always deliver the most efficient and optimal program for the system.
All documentation is automatically created by our platform.
As we are the only tool in the world with native technology for SAP development, we are able to deliver all the micro-features of the system.
We were able to guarantee future upgrades without any type of risk or problem because our applications strictly follow Fiori s extensibility paradigm and not system customization.
Solutions with Tachyonix have speed well above the market standard, are safe and delivered in the best version from the first implementation, minimizing or almost eliminating the need for future maintenance.