ECC and no HANA (older than 7.40 SP10 Executed on 7.01)

Faster than light

If S/4HANA is just right for your business, but the long and resource-heavy customization process is holding you back, Tachyonix’s AI-driven, near-zero code customization, ensures a fast, simple and cost efficient process.

Technically speaking…

Tachyonix is the first end-to-end low code platform in the SAP world that create the full stack of SAP development. Including the entire backend development only with a single click on the UI templates.

Dynamic creation of a VDM (Virtual Data Model) with Creation of a CDS Master and a CDS detail for each selected detail.

Dynamic creation of a BOPF associated with the CDS Master to be responsible for all actions on the screen.

Creation of the backend communication layer with the frontend via SAP Gateway.

It is being done in memory and using the best SAP engine to guarantee the best performance with less effort. ​

Tachyonix is a platform comprising intelligent components that simplify customers’ software building process.

UI upgrade is also a “game change” to the industry because the code changes/modifications may not easily migrate to new versions. Currently, most customers must hire external consultancy.

Firms to adapt the platform to their own needs.

The solution is an AI-based, low code platform comprising CDS/BOPF algorithms and SAPUI5 templates that will do all the repetitive IT work for developers to focus only on the company’s business rules and/or convert old reports from ABAP (ALV) to SAPUI5 with NO CODING.

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