Marcelo Korn

jul 19 2022

A revolution that only an expert can deliver

Those who know, know:

In the SAP world, nothing is as it seems. No procedure is simple to perform. Ask any IT engineer about their experience implementing custom SAP development projects: Demands require a lot of effort and complex procedures, whatever the project.

No wonder many developers avoid these tasks. A fair amount of resources – time, expertise, financial investment – is needed and it all takes a long time.

Tachyonix, a company established in 2018, aims precisely to revolutionize the work on SAP, minimizing costs and considerably reducing the execution time of specific projects. We create an efficient ecosystem for fast turnaround.

But what is the Tachyonix Ecosystem?
We call “ecosystem” the solutions offered by our team, which works assiduously to provide the best solutions in SAP development.

Now I want to quickly explain what each of them does.

We developed a platform of SAPUI5 object creation (Fiori), called Tachyonix Builder. This is the core of our product –using our solution allows the creation of any kind of application: form, report, action and even a data source (which otherwise demands immense know-how) to be created intuitively, quickly, easily, and efficiently.

In addition, we offer our “storyteller” product called Tachyonix DataView that provides data sources with their various options and features, extracting maps, KPIs, charts, and even hierarchical tables, using state-of-the-art SAPUI5 technology (SAP Fiori) without the need for any development code.

We should mention our newest product, the Tachyonix StoryBoard which allows reusing components, enabling you to create and enhance interactive analytic web applications. You can use these applications to explore KPIs and their influencing factors when detailing multidimensional representations of data, such as charts or tables. It is like seeing a movie instead of a picture! Nice, huh?

From the perspective of the management needs, the product offers the Tachyonix Dashboard, in which the user can expose Tachyonix DataViews and filter them in real-time in a fluid and unique experience.

Lastly, the TachAnalytics analysis resource offers companies that use a Hana database the possibility to enjoy features such as parallelism, push-down, PAL (SAP HANA Predictive Analysis Library) and consequently use the tool as an engine that enables accelerated predictions of analysis.

And what’s our goal with all this?
We work on multiple fronts to ensure that our SAP development solutions reach as many people and benefit as many businesses as possible!

The SAP development revolution has a name and is already within your reach – Tachyonix. A fast, smart, and beautiful app development tool!

Soon, we will publish new posts with details and tips on using our tools.

Stay tuned!

Marcelo Korn

Tachyonix CEO

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